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Organizational Forms

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This is essentially a link dump of articles related to organizational models with (actual or potential) relevance to Occupy. I thought Corrente readers might find some of these of interest.

'Occupy' as a business model: The emerging open-source civilisation

What the Occupy Protests Mean: A TIMN Interpretation (Part III) — A Digression about Space-Time-Action (STA) Orientations

Two essays by Andy Cornell:
Who needs ends when we've got such bitchin means
Dear Punk Rock Activism

William K Carroll - Crisis, movements, counter-hegemony: in search of the new
Yet the shape of the network is worth pondering, and on this question of form, the WSF’s counter-hegemonic capacities to wage a war of position are doubtful (Gibson 2008; Stephen 2009; Worth and Buckley 2009). Gramsci’s modern prince anticipated a relatively centralized network encompassing a dialectical relation between masses and leaders – rather distinct from the rhizomic networks, celebrated by the postmodern left (Deleuze and Guattari 1987; Hardt and Negri 2004), which lack any central basis for coordination. Organizationally, a certain degree of centrality is needed to ensure that ‘the movement will be able to move when the time is right’ (Purcell 2009: 304). Alternatively, it is difficult to know how a rhizomic movement ‘will be able to move at all, much less take coordinated and strategic action that shifting political opportunities demand’ (ibid 305). On this point, Peter Evans is correct to claim that ‘the eventual construction of counter- hegemonic globalization will almost certainly combine ‘rhizomic’ networks with traditional ‘trees’” (2008: 291), the latter branching out authoritatively from well defined centres of decision-making.

Occupy Seattle forum thread - a few thoughts about consensus decision making

How Group Dynamics May Be Killing Innovation

Near-consensus-alternatives: Consensus Oriented Decision-Making


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I had no idea DeLeuze and Guattari used this phrase. I proceeded solely from my knowledge of network structures and observations of gardening! Where rhizomes spread underground and are very difficult to eradicate or uproot.


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