If you have "no place to go," come here!

"#OperationHelporHush: Taking Social Media Activism to the Street"

Not easy, but they've done it, from my twitter feed. Here's their site:

  • Priority #1: Organizing Organizers

    Effective community organizing requires infrastructure and supplies to endure. We buy supplies for making signs, cover travel expenses, ensure organizers have food and shelter, and develop systems to link organizers together.

  • Priority #2: Sustaining Protesters

    Protesting is high-energy activity. We ensure protesters are fed and hydrated, cover costs and related technical assistance to ensure that protesters remain safe while protesting, and work with other local partners to aid in supporting protesters in crisis.

  • Priority #3: Resourcing the Community

    Communities are in crisis and this is why we organize. We link with other community partners to pool and leverage resources for maximum impact.

They also put on dinners, enhancing conviviality. This is an "amateurs talk strategy, professionals talk logistics" thing.