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Open thread (password theme)

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I'd like to know if this has happened to any of you. I did a quick Google search but didn't see anything.

Password proliferation means remembering lots of different strings. Since we only remember them in the act of typing them, the string can get tied to muscle memory. That's what happened to me - when I tried to write down a password I couldn't do it without sitting at a keyboard and doing a pantomime password type.

Anyone else have something like that happen? Open thread for this or other strange IT phenomena.

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it happens all the time to me and the other problem I have is remembering the combo to safe I have. One day I was going give the combo to my brother and unless I was standing in front of it I couldn't remember it. Getting old isn't the weak;)

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Yes. I also have more trouble remembering names now, not that I was ever great at it. I can remember all sorts of things about people I know when I run into them, like what they do, if they're married, what we did together last time we were together, but not their names. Names are, apparently, nonsense things in my associative memory.

As for passwords, after the agency I worked for started insisting that everyone use new passwords that were randomly generated, I started to learn all the places people will write them down in their work spaces. Sometimes, I think computer security people have no idea how human minds work.

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I think it was Bruce Schneirer who wrote not too long ago that passwords based on nonsensical phrases like "orange madonna weak hair", are much harder to crack, than those based on random characters like "qsd!*doB8aox". Perhaps one could use haikus
to generate passwords.