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Open letter to Bernie Sanders

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Susie Madrak informs us that Bernie Sanders is thinking of running for President.


You are a socialist, you don't have to care about the Democratic primary.

Your best chance is to be a fusion candidate, that is, get on the presidential ballot line of every emergent party who has a presidential ballot line. So you need to appoint someone to be your liason with emergent party state chairs, assuming you have not already done so. You also need someone to analyze emergent party vote, precinct by precinct, going back to 2000. This will indicate trends and opportunities. Clearly someone with statistical and computer skills will need to do this, assuming that you have not already arranged for this.

Then you will need to spend 2014 campaigning for any emergent party candidate who wants your support. This will demonstrate your box office appeal and your commitment to building a movement. Precisely because the media ignore emergent parties, this will enable you to come in under radar, and they won't recognize that you are a threat until it is too late to stop you. This is similar to how Jimmy Carter won in 1976. He spent 1974 campaigning for Democratic congressional candidates, and before anyone recognized what was happening, he had built a national organization. Campaigning for emergent party candidates could have the same benefit for you. People are sick of politics as usual, they are sick of neo-liberalism. They are ready for a lefty candidate. Go for it.

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