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open letter to an obama friend

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I'm not going to read your last email, (insert your name here),

cause it's probably just as angry as mine was
and we ARE in danger of not being friends anymore
and THAT has been my point all along.

HOW is this guy bringing the country...together...
When even close friends are fighting OVER him?

I suggest, and NOT in anger or resentment or bitterness,
but as an american with a currently small a who is...worried,
that this "unifier" WILL tear this already frayed country apart.

And it's happening already

I can't TELL you how I really feel about the New Racism.
"we are all a little racist" and how that notion truly offends me.
You can't TELL me how you really feel AS a minority
(never really part of the American dream even as you live it)

If Obama IS the Great Unifier, WHY is this happening ABOUT him?
And you say Hillary devides us and I least she admits it.

We're sniping at each other and we are NOT the enemy.
And I suggest he...may be.

But I can't feel safe to say so and you can't hear it if I do.
And this could get a LOT worse.

A lot worse.

So if we really can't talk, it's best for us not to try for now.

And I say that NOT beacause you are not my friend anymore
but because you still are.


uncomfy hug,
(insert my name here)


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Submitted by intranets on

Yep, he has unified the rhetoric about Clinton. The GOP and GOS are now all on the same page.

Go look at the title of the recommended diaries and tell me that couldn't be

You would have a hard time telling progressive blog hit pieces on "How bad Hillary is (TM)" posts from the wingnut posts.

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Submitted by dmd76 on

It's Obama's fault that you and your friend are fighting. Why is he tearing you apart?????/??

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Submitted by amberglow on

Get on board with him or you're "cynical" and you "are part of the old ways", and "partisan" (as if partisanship in service to important needs is somehow a bad thing), and "fearful", and somehow just can's see the light of "hope and change", etc...

He's divided us GLBT folks, the traditional Democratic Base, women, true liberals, those who want the GOP punished for their crimes, those who need government to help us instead of inspiring us, those who don't want a lover but a fighter, ...

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Submitted by koshembos on

All those mobs from the media to the blogs and still Hillary has a 5:4 advantage in Democratic votes. So, we the majority divide because we don't accept the Independents and the Republicans who vote for his greatness.

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Submitted by amberglow on

it's messed up, to say the least.

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Submitted by Charles Lemos on

there is news today from Pennsylvania where a son-in-law and Clinton supporter stabbed his father-in-law, an Obama supporter, while discussing the election with a kitchen knife.

I stopped speaking to one dear friend back in 2002 over the WMD and Powell's speech to the UN (she couldn't believe Powell would lie and she was a Georgetown School of Foreign Service grad). And now I am definitely staying away from over-the-top Obama supporters. There's one or two at work.

If this is unity, what does disunity look like?

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Submitted by janittdott on

The press is starting to pick up on the human interest stories now.
And the saddest I've seen was on Moyers or NOW on PBS

With on of the founders of MS Magazine and her daughter
(damn having a menomoment, can't recall her name!)
And her determined (i can't help but say coldhearted) daughter
said she won't talk about it any more with her mother.
She's voting for Obama and that is that.

Get over it, Mommy.

And This woman, who has spent her whole life fighting for women
You can FEEL her voice on the verge of tears, not daring to cry,
(strong women can't cry)
dying inside that the CHANCE has finally...finally...come.

and her own dismissive daughter...

dott dott dott