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"Open Carry" loons wave their dicks around in a Target parking lot

Oh, wait. Dick substitutes. Sorry.

These guys keep doubling down, don't they? MOAH GUNZ!

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Submitted by Dromaius on

Oh, wait. Dick substitutes. Sorry.

Yeah, cuz if they had real ones, they wouldn't need to overcompensate if you know what I mean.

I am actually pretty liberal on guns. I think open carry is intimidating though. The mindset for open carry, well, it scares me a little.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...I agree with your sentiments on open carry. That these are women is, however, interesting.
In fact, it opens up a whole lot of things to say, given the state of women's rights there stateside. The rape issue at universities is just an abomination and if I were a woman there, I'd be packing (after rigorous training).
I'd like to know the back story to this picture...

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...showing 3 women exercising open carry at Target (?). But my point still stands...
OMG! Should read above; "That these are women is (fuck all) ARE!!!! not "is"...sorry

Submitted by flora on

Ya know... A lot of these particular gun owners say they need these firearms to resist any govt tyranny. So I gotta wonder why these guys haven't figured out that parading their guns in the Target store's "Under Camera Surveillance" parking lot is a perfect way for the govt to figure out exactly who owns what firearm.