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"Open a window" President suggests, to combat "*Global Stuffiness.*"

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*Climate Change: Some Winds Decreasing Across United States -- ScienceDaily.
Probably no legislation of significance will pass for the remainder of Obama’s presidency. So now he's started mentioning climate change:

On July 1, 2014 from PRI: "President Obama's [recent pivot towards using somewhat] strong words on climate change matter, despite his weak record"

It's a "Legacy" thing, we're told. What a legacy…

A [2012] Brown University study looked specifically at the Obama administration’s language and found that mentions of “climate change” have been replaced by calls for “clean energy” and “energy independence.” The phrases ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ have become all but taboo on Capitol Hill. These terms are stunningly absent from the political arena.

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for just a moment I thought Rangoon78 was yelling and that not like this person;)

Great story but is anyone surprised at this. 0 good for words and then no action or the opposite action.