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Oopsie on NAFTA, too?

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The following was posted in comments by BDBlue, in response to Lambert's must-read analysis of Obama's claim that his speech in opposition to the IWR was made in the midst of his U.S. Senate campaign....

Compare and Contrast:

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Editorial Update: via Avedon, the Canadian Embassy's denial of the NAFTA story described in the video, above.

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Editorial Update #2: CTV defends the story.

We now return you to BDBlue's post...

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[compare the above video] with:

Tell me again which candidate is the triangulator who will say anything to win?

To be clear, Clinton has said some positive things about NAFTA, which she hasn't denied, but the idea that she's blind to NAFTA's downside* while Obama is champion of the people is ridiculous.

* My own opinion is that more problems have been caused by trade imbalances with Asia and lousy enforcement by W of trade agreements than NAFTA itself and NAFTA has become, somewhat unfairly, the symbol for the larger trade problems. Which isn't to say NAFTA is perfect, only that its role has been overstated.

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Submitted by Charles Lemos on

I supposed that I am relived to learn that Obama's rhetoric is just that rhetoric. Words with no meaning. If words have no meaning then what are we?

Did he call the Mexican Ambassador as well? How about apologizing to both of our neighbors for his hateful and racist comments? Or apologizing to us for lying?

And he has the nerve to say that Hillary will say anything or do anything to win the nomination? Hypocrisy much.

The more and more I see and hear of this man, the more I see him as another Richard Nixon. What is his end game?

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Submitted by snow-moon on

"What is his endgame?"

peace, love, and understanding- or so I've been told.

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Submitted by kc on

--One of Taylor Marshs' recent posts is about this. She called CTV and they are standing by their story. Worth a read.

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Submitted by snow-moon on

so are we to believe the journalists at CTV - or the Canadian embassy and the Obama campaign (and ABC News).

tough one.

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Submitted by hypnot on

Apparently there is a clod in the Obama camp, and his name rhymes with "Foolsbee."
If we are to judge him by his actions, he means his client no good.

Now might be a very good time for Obama to release a bad economic adviser and recruit a better one. Maybe mend fences with Krugman, too?