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Oops. He did it again.

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Well, maybe not "oops." More like "on purpose." And not Obama, personally, but his Administration. Words fail me, so I'll just quote from McClatchy:

By telling Arizona Tuesday it can effectively end Medicaid coverage of a quarter million people, the Obama administration has pointed out a potential escape hatch for other financially strapped states seeking to cut people from the program. ...

Matt Salo, executive director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors, says that the Obama administration is "walking that fine line of trying to be helpful [to states] but trying not to undermine health reform." [Ed. note: Bwahahaha! Stop! You're killing me!] ...

Governors have been demanding relief in the face of recession-driven budget problems and the scheduled end of federal stimulus aid that helped them fund Medicaid ends in June. But advocates for the poor warn that people will suffer.

People will suffer? Why? You're kidding me, right?

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end run death panels! What a joker, this conservative neo-lib corporatist!

And where are the intrepid Tea Partiers who were so upset by the idea of end of life counseling that they labeled that counseling by one's doctor "Death Panels"? Gee, here we get Death Cuts to Budgets and, what? No howling? No calls to stop such behavior?

Oh, yeah, they think it's happening to those "other" people....

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to beat these people in the 2012 primaries. Anybody who proposes or votes for austerity should be defeated.

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First assaults the deficit that everyone's hysterical about by retaining unrealistically low taxes on the rich. Then, to help out more, he eliminates the top level of the Estate Tax and then raises the Estate Tax exemption to $5 million.

And now says he's Jake with eliminating medical care for the growing number of people in desperate financial straights. On top of that he's trying to find political cover for doing damage to Social Security and Medicare.

Why are any rank and file "liberals" still supporting this piece of work.