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The only chart you need to see why Obama and the Ds will slash Social Security if they can

(From that Hacker and Peirson's Book, Winner Take All). Obama, and the Ds, are just being responsive to their true constituency -- their owners. And both parties hate the poor. But notice the split in the middle class, and how it changes over time. Elizabeth Warren, I would think, is meant to handle temporary perception problems until the looting is over. The rich think our money is theirs, and the Ds are with them. Too bad, so sad.

NOTE Valley Girl made the chart. More discussion here.

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The only chart you need to see why Obama and the Ds will slash Social Security if they can as soon as possible after the election.

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They portray the Republicans - to some extent - as genuine champions of the middle class, in contrast to the Democrats.

However, considering that Republicans are even more devoted to free trade than Democrats are, I wonder about the accuracy of the charts themselves.