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The only chart you need on American exceptionalism

American exceptionalism

America is, in fact, exceptionally bad for income ineqality, food insecurity, life expectancy, prison population, and math scores. And we'd be exceptionally bad at DISemployment, too, if the real figures were used, instead of the nominal 10%.

So, by any metric except the rich getting richer, the people who run this country -- and that includes both legacy parties, D and R alike -- are in FAIL mode. Total collapse. Worse than Portugal, for pity's sake. Nothing that will happen between now and 2012 will change that, unless change comes from below, and not "change" from Astroturf organizations like Obama's 2008 campaign, either. That means that everything both legacy parties and their enablers say is at best froth, and at worse disinformation. Gotta write about it, because some people still watch state television and believe what it says, but froth and disinformation is what both parties do. Of course, it's always nice when one of 'em takes a chunk out of the other one, but that's tactical. The real object is to get rid of both of them.

NOTE Chart via the Times; go read!

UPDATE Our rating on democracy should be a lot lower than it is, given the election theft in FL 2000 (followed by Bush v. Gore) and the election theft in OH 2004 (followed by Kerry rolling over).

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What's most shocking is to see who else makes the list. Yikes on the income inequality in the Asian Tigers- I guess all that economic growth is mostly clustered at the top, just like it is here in the US. They did follow our model, after all.

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Kleptocracy sucks the life out of all aspects of our society and what that chart shows is that the damage it does is increasingly visible, and can't be papered over. This is perfectly predictable. It is all about the resources our society has and can deploy. Almost all of those are either in the hands of a small kleptocratic elite or controlled by them. This means that all the legitimate activities of our society: good stable paying jobs, education, healthcare, housing, infrastructure and the means to accomplish them: a non-corrupt representative government and well regulated markets simply don't exist or are falling apart. Quite simply this process of looting and deterioration will continue until we rebel.