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Online oral contraception

In the UK. Not sure if international orders are permitted, but no doubt that's a matter of time, and workarounds are already being devised....

How long have men been able to order Viagra, et al, online? A decade, maybe?

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Al Gore is a baby-killer!

No surprise that Mr. "Love Canal" uses his internets to keep all them quivers empty.

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It's $8/month after $25 shipping per order, so for cost effectiveness I order a year's worth at at time. I also get Zyrtec which ends up at $3.30/month. After my roommate's stuff is added on, the shipping costs are split.

In the US via regular insurance channels, my BCP and the Zyrtec are each about $30/month, so India works out much better. It would be even nicer if they carried all my meds. Those are about $400/month with insurance. Without insurance, I'd be fucked out the wazoo, since my cost would be getting damned close to my monthly take home.