If you have "no place to go," come here!

Onionshare file sharing app

This looks pretty neat. From Gizmodo:

However you get it, you'll have to download Tor, a free-to-use network that lets you anonymously use the internet. It's one of the best privacy tools available. With Onionshare, you can send a file of any size to anyone (even someone who doesn't use Onionshare)—without sending it to a third party.

When a user wants to send a file, Onionshare creates a temporary, password-protected website for it, and the user gives their intended recipient that URL and password. When someone opens a file they receive on Onionshare, they create a direct link between the sending and receiving computer. Once the file is downloaded, users can cancel the website, erasing any trace of a transfer. Encrypt everything along the way for added security.

Creating a tiny little website just for a file... And then nuking it. That's genius. So simple.