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"One-Year" Gitmo Apologists, Please Read - Year Six (?)

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This is year six.

Six years later and only a handful of people have been released. If you feel like puking for a little while, read this.

Of course, everyone of the steely-eyed realist Obama supporters who were one-year gitmo apologists have long left this building, and saying "I told you so", gets old after 5 years (hell, I think I missed last year), but now, supposedly, with no major accomplishments possible, Obama has announced he will do via executive order (royal fiat), what he "cannot" do through Congress. Well, just for starters Barak, why don't you end this abomination and either set these people free (since the vast majority have committed no provable crime at all), or send them to some country where their accused crimes can be prosecuted? Obviously some of these people really are mass-murderers, and get no sympathy from me, but they should be tried for their crimes like anybody else.

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If they are correct in their contention that Obama is the most eloquent, articulate, intelligent man to have ever graced the office, five years in, the implication for the remaining Oboots l is profound: they have been played so hard for so long, they can't imagine refusing to be his instrument.

Presidents have incredible opportunities in this capacity to be successful. If adroit as a communicator and leader/molder of public opinion, a president can:

set the political agenda of the nation, determining what is considered important and what gets attention and what doesn't. He can concentrate on issues that he or his political party think are critical, enjoy the edge on, or can gain some political advantage from.
focus public pressure on Congress to pass or reject proposed legislation. By focusing public opinion on congressmen, a president can guarantee he is successful in his dealings with the national legislature. Congressmen resent such pressure but react to it nonetheless.
focus public pressure on certain individuals or groups. Harry Truman once said that the presidency was the most exasperating of all jobs because you spend 90% of your time trying to convince people to do what they already know they should be doing. This is known as "jawboning" and can be done in private or public. Sometimes public pressure is needed.
Historians and political scientists evaluate and rank FDR extremely high in the field of communicator/molder of public opinion.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

Guantanamo remains a monument to how little we really value freedom and the rule of law. Maybe we should celebrate the fact that it exists, at least in contrast to the most likely solution for closing it - moving all those people to federal supermax facilities and holding them there for the rest of their lives without trial.

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To me, this is Amerika's shining beacon of FEAR.

Be in known to all that, yes, we can and do take "packages" (not even called humans) from anywhere, at any time, for any reason, and incarcerate them for as long as we want, without recourse to that same "rule of law" that lets a rich kid get drunk, kill 4 others and walk away without as much as a slap on the wrist.

Any questions? Good! Its best you don't ask any or you too could become a package.

If Gitmo is closed then that message is no longer a shining beacon of empire.