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Could be totally wrong. Who knows? That's the fun about "elections." But from the Dept of Just Sayin, I ask you: do you still remember (no peeking/googling) the Most Important Controvery between the 2/3/5 Dem campaigns the week before Iowa? Mmmhmm. Anyway, SupTup numbers via the Bowers, may the FSM bless his skinny lil toukas. Drat, I can't make the table work here because I'm stoopid with tables...just go read it. And remember.

Hollywood's oldest rule: the Hero always takes it on the chin first, in the fight scene at the End with the Bad Guy. To make the viewer worry the hero won't win, when they, from long expericence, know he will. Generating that sense of 'suspense' sells tickets, don't you know.

...if I eat this post later on, ah, such is blogging. Still: even Obama isn't enough to make me believe: America, Ready for a "Black" Man. Nuhuh. Even with all the Hyde Park Econ muscle he can muster, even if I misuderstand such relocations as Halliburton HQ in Doo Bye, it ain't gunna happen. For thee and not me, yo brutha?

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I think one of the biggest ironies is that a "Black" Man will have an easier time against the GOP than HRC. Sure, I'm misunderestimating the VRWC and the filth that lurks just below the rural shirt collars of 'Merica, but I think everyone is underestimating how repugnant the GOP has become. I know people who sat behind Bush at a '04 rally that have told me they would vote for Obama. And I guarantee they would vote for Bush a third time before they would vote for HRC, ever. There is so many years of memes and media brainwashing that you just cannot overcome the knee-jerk association to the name 'Clinton'. So maybe Obama only strikes a chord with OFB, but people discount too much those honest, good American GOP voters who just want to be able to look in a mirror again. They are bitter after a clown car horror show of slime that has oozed out of the Grand 'Ol Pachyderm's backside.

On a side note about "Super" delegates, can someone explain what is up with Stephanie Tubbs Jones (OH) pledging for The Womens' Campaign Forum and Clinton instead of Obama? Of course I can't blame her after Obama's kos-like statements regarding Ohio '04 election irregularities. (Can we make kos-like or kossian refer to all election douchbaggery statements?)

{DISCLAIMER: Of course Edwards is the best candidate to win against the GOP, but like usual, the Dems are determined to try their best to lose See also: Kerry and/or Lieberman and/or 4am concession}

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Are you kidding, Virginia elected a black Lt. Gov in 1985 and elected Gov in 1989. Do you mean to tell me that the nation as a whole has not caught up to where Virginia was in 1989? Does that sound right to you?

Obama's problem isn't his dark skin, it's all the Republican talking points that he has internalized.

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Massachusetts just caught up to you in 2006. You don't want to know about the midwest.

Also it is probably only current Govs, but don't look at wikipedia.

I don't think the Senate fares much better, I'm trusting the internet here:

Barack Obama is currently the only Black senator. He is the third Black senator since Reconstruction - the other two being Carole Moseley Braun and Edward Brooke.

But your same argument can also be found on DU.. so it appears to be a talking point tied to the rest of the story there.

I'm not sure why I'm even responding to this depressing question. Maybe this is a Rovian troll tactic to get people to acknowledge how few have been elected to executive positions.

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I'm stunned.

The two-time White House candidate notified a close circle of senior advisers that he planned to make the announcement at a 1 p.m. EST event in New Orleans that had been billed as a speech on poverty, according to two of his advisers.

It's a damn shame. Well, I can still vote for him on Feb. 12--hell, I voted for Howard Dean in June 2004--but it looks like I'll be holding my nose in November again.