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One more reason to use UPS

Not only have they pulled their advertising from Stalker O'Reilly's show, they're union, and, unlike FedEx, they're not using extortion tactics against the government to fight card check.

Good for them.

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Submitted by apolitiko on

by far. Both USPS and FedEx are far easier to get my package from. I get a lot of packages to my apartment (with no callbox), and UPS is the only company you have to spell everything out for the day the package comes. In all of my apartment buildings in the past fifteen years, its been UPS that has been consistently awful on getting packages to people and end up leaving those annoying 'missed you' notes. I get most of my shopping delivered to me because of my schedule, which is a major problem with UPS.

I'll credit them on the points you make, but when I want my package with the least amount of hassle, I purposely tell shippers to avoid UPS.

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Submitted by Andre on

package delivery system in the US today, especially Priority mail, and they're almost 100 % Union (NALC). Consumers Reports three months ago named the USPS Priority mail the best mailing bargain in this country today. They supply boxes and they are 98 % on time (two days or less)!

Submitted by lambert on

USPS if I want to walk to the Post Office; UPS if I want them to come to me, or have big, big packages. The business models are slightly different. YMMV!

Granted, UPS isn't very improvisatory -- that's their strength and their weakness.

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Submitted by Realist on

I don't like FedEx's antics either, but they get my packages there in one piece. UPS doesn't. Even the post office does a better job than UPS.

When I worked for a tea company in San Francisco some years back, our UPS rep told me flat out that if your package couldn't be picked up and thrown ten to twelve feet without breaking, you didn't want to ship it by UPS.