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One last note on Ferguson

[Moving this onto the front page because of the updates. --lambert]

I have to go on to start writing or at least thinking about policy on a living wage, so I can't spend the hours getting up to speed in Ferguson. Readers, please chip in!

Suffice to say that IMNSHO, it's not a coincidence that with the appearance on the scene of the State Cops, we get (a) a charm offensive with the locals, including IIRC a high-ranking black and (b) character assassination of the victim (as if whatever he did would justify shooting him and then leaving his body out in the street, uncovered). So it will be interesting to see how this continues to play out, and especially how Democrats turn it into a campaign issue[1].

NOTE On police militarization, this from The Intercept is very good. It's nice to see Greenwald on this.

NOTE [1] See this from the Democratic nomenklatura at TPM:

Racial panic by all whites? Hardly; in fact, a thesis the author's own race disconfirms. But one sees how this will be useful to Democrats electorally, and so they make use of it.

UPDATE Approaching the police, hands in the air, saying "Don't shoot" is a brilliant example of a non-violent protest, but as so often with Sharp, his categories don't quite fit modern media and gesture:

This great, but what's even greater is that the gesture moved up to Howard from Ferguson, and not the other way around.

UPDATE This is well-sourced. Sorry I can't get the whole timeline to embed, but click through: