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One hand washes the other...

The masked consultant at Joe Bageant:

The Obama machine has no interest in fending [the Tea Partiers] off since they have been excellent foil in keeping progressives in line and have pushed the health care debate in the direction of the deals they have already cut with the health care industry (pro-corporate and to the right), and away from more progressive vision of health care reform. And the progressives are fucking worthless -- they don't hate, they don't fight and then they wonder why no one is afraid of them.


Odd, then, or not that so many of our "progressive" access bloggers have been assiduous in creating the Tea Party "foil" (as it were). It's almost like the legacy parties are symbiotic!

NOTE Via Susie. Yeah, Joe Bageant. But this post isn't stupid on misogyny, so, good. Who knows? Maybe he reads Corrente!

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... the masked consultant is a Bageant persona.

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they don't hate, they don't fight

They most certainly do hate, and fight, it's just that the hating and fighting is all aimed at keeping their own side in line. They hate women, the underclasses, and the unterbussen. Anyone who doesn't genuflect for them and/or Obama. Did I miss anyone?

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for anyone who doesn't succumb to the group-think.

Another conversation with my co-worker: We were talking about the SOTU and I started talking about moving to France. He said, "Yeah, the French love their socialism." I said, "I would too, if I lived there - great health care, great working benefits..." Then he said, "They're always striking to make sure they keep what they've got."

That got me going.

"That's why they still have it! Their president, Sarkozy, wants to make France more like America, with longer hours, shorter vacations and later retirement age. But he hasn't been successful because the French keep their government in line. Not like us!"

He agreed with that one.

Really, the way to get the government to pay attention is to do either, or both, of two things:

1) A huge, coordinated, grassroots political action - like the Full Court Press advocated by JeffRoby here; or
2) A huge, coordinated, grassroots monetary action. Like, a big strike.