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One good reason bipartisanship is teh suxx0r

David Broder helps us understand the stakes:

And think ahead to entitlement reform. Democrats will never tackle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid -- and the taxes to finance them -- unless, as former Wyoming senator Al Simpson used to say, significant numbers of Republicans agree to "link arms and go over the cliff together."

Shorter Broder: "Act like a ruling class, you stupid rulerz!"

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NOTE As Molly Bloom points out here, we need a name for Spector, Snowe, and Collins. May I suggest "the Northeastern Weasels"? Since that sounds like an endangered species...

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Submitted by Mandos on

...Broder was brilliant, I have to say, and his response was unintentionally hilarious. Gotta file that link away.

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Submitted by Damon on

I propose naming them the New England Polecats. It's geographically accurate, and the choice of polecat has a connotation with the appropriate level of scuziness attached to it. Either that, or the New England Red-Crested Pachyderm.