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One of Bush's US Attorneys referred for prosecution

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The Kansas City Star's political blog is reporting that an investigation by the Justice Department and the Inspector General's office found former US Attorney (and Bush appointee) Brad Schlozman "violated federal law" by considering "political and ideological affiliations when hiring and taking other personnel actions relating to career attorneys, in violation of Department policy and federal law" during his term in office.

Scholzman's case was "referred this matter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia for a decision on whether the evidence warrants a criminal prosecution."

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And yeah, Bush will probably just pardon him. But at least it gets the need for a pardon on the record. Better than nothing, I suppose.

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While the Inspector General concluded that he lied to Congress, it's my understanding that the DOJ has declined to prosecute. It seems to me that the referral to the US Attorney served two purposes: it delayed the release of the report until after 11/4/08, and it gave Schozeman (sp?) cover if a subsequent DOJ decision to prosecute is made.