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One addition to the platform?

So far:

1. Medicare for All

2. End the wars.

3. Tax the rich

4. Jobs for all.

Now read this.

I'll wait.

So maybe add....

5. Jail the banksters?

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Submitted by malagodi on

Whose platform is it?

(What is it? What is it? What is it?) ~David Byrne

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Submitted by boilermaker on

Does "end the wars" also include ending the "war on drugs" and implementing a sane policy that does not add to our military/security industry?
Also could we have something in the platform about restoring the constitution?
Or least maybe impeaching the corporate judges that are deliberately misinterpreting the constitution (yea Scalia, Thomas and Alito I'm talking about you).
War crimes prosecution?
I know, platform, not wish list.

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Submitted by beowulf on

A team of researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has recently documented a safe, long-lasting way of improving both your life and your personal feelings of well-being: shrooms...

So there you have it: a genuine mystical experience with long-lasting positive effects, no reported negative effects, no known medical side effects in healthy people, and with virtually no chance of a bad experience. Does that sound like something you'd like to try? Well, you can't: no matter how safe and beneficial it might be, psilocybin is a Schedule 1 controlled substance and you can't have any. You may thank the War on Drugs whenever you like.

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Submitted by Bryan on

Why Britain was thrilled when the Puritans left for the 'New World'.

Legislating 'morality' is a prime feature of Puritanism.