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Once more into the breach on Bill Clinton's popularity

Josh Barro:

The one period of really robust wage growth in the last 40 years was the late 1990s, when the labor market was tight and workers could effectively demand higher wages in exchange for their labor. Fiscal and monetary policies that aim to recreate that situation might finally get Americans to stop saying we’re in a recession. Yet[1] that’s not the focus of the conversation in Washington.

That's it. That's what people remember.

Concrete material benefits. Of course, I had it pretty good under Bush II, also. I mean, I thought I did. I had dental!

NOTE [1] And by "yet," Barro means "therefore."

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You know Barro is a toady of the kleptocracy when he writes about economic class warfare in terms of "conversation." And how people are going around "saying" we're in a recession. WTF, dude. People are burning and this guy's sitting in a recliner with his slippers on describing the carnage as a bunch of people going around "saying" things. Yuck.