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Once Again w/ UN Veto US Dooms Palestine & Pisses on Intl Law

On December 31, 2014 the US in the UN Security Council voted against a resolution to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem by 2017 and for a “comprehensive peace deal” to be reached by the end of 2015.

The resolution called for the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. According to Anthony Bellchambers in “Netanyahu gets Carte Blanche to continue Illegal settlement in Occupied Territories as America surrenders to Zionist Lobbyists” it also called for the return of thousands of Palestinian prisoners now held in Israeli jails, a return of refugees and “the re-allocation of vital water supplies.”


The resolution, in which Britain abstained, was supported by France and seven other members of the 15 strong Security Council and was a move by over half the world including Russia and China, to end the status quo.

The United States is once again unconditionally enabling and protecting Israel and guaranteeing more Israel on Palestine violence and offering what Bellchambers labels “carte blanche” for the Netanyahu administration to continue fostering illegal settlements. So far, half a million Israelis have illegitimately moved onto Palestinian land.

Bellchambers declares that the US veto “sets the seal on one of the most ignominious American administrations of modern times ... There is no other precedent in modern times of an American congress being held so completely subservient to the will of lobbyists acting in the interests of a foreign state.”

John Chuckman in “Spreading Chaos and Trivia Everywhere It Goes/America Stumbles Through Another Year”:

The Palestinians are seeking a vote in the United Nations’ Security Council on a resolution favoring their statehood, unquestionably a reasonable proposal in the minds of most of the world’s people. Of course, the United States, a permanent member of the Security Council, would automatically veto such a resolution, as it vetoes all efforts to restore order to the chaos of the Middle East.


[US Senator Lindsey Graham] He busied himself recently with threatening America’s withholding funds from a United Nations that gets involved in the “peace process.” ...

Senator Graham, regarded neither as an idealist nor a  voice for peace, is only doing what so many American politicians do under the unbelievably corrupt, money-drenched American election system, and that is to make ridiculous public statements about the Middle East in return for generous dollops of campaign funds from the world’s most tireless political lobby, that for Israel. ...


“The peace process” is the longest running farce on the planet, continuing for nearly fifty years. It might have been funny in the vein of The Mouse That Roared, but there is nothing remotely funny in the killing of thousands of people and the extreme abuse and hopelessness of millions. You just could not make a worse hash of a diplomatic and human welfare situation than America has made in the Middle East. And the situation has only intensified in its cruelty and injustice.

Today, Israel openly and regularly steals homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. It threatens ancient Muslim shrines and desecrates some of them. It has savaged Gaza, the world’s largest open-air prison camp, twice, killing close to four thousand including nearly a thousand children. It has attempted to starve Gaza’s people out with a years-long embargo, and is making ugly noises about still another invasion. It is about to steal Syrian oil on the occupied Golan Heights, drilling there illegally, and it is busy arranging the theft of offshore natural gas that belongs to Gaza and Lebanon. ...

Another new year, yet with more official, blatant, colossal affronts by the US to International Law and with in your face evident devotion of our US executive and legislative branches to the will of the Israeli government over the will of millions of Americans who object to being accessories to mass abuse, oppression and killing in the Middle East.

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