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Once again, the only way to get Obama to do anything is to threaten him

Gay bundlers and Hispanics in 2008, and now Gitmo hunger strikers.

Many at Gitmo are innocent, not that Obama gives two shits about that, and all of them should have been tried in legitimate courts (assuming there are any such these days).

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Submitted by katiebird on

Obama's use of the words, "The Notion" means he's either going to lie or make you puke or both. In this case:

The lie is that we are doing it, should reflect on it and should do something. Well, I thought that a good number of his 2008 supporters were voting for just that. ... It's not us doing it, it's him.

The puking? "we’re going to keep 100 individuals in no man’s land in perpetuity" .... no shit.

“It’s not sustainable,” Mr. Obama said at a White House news conference. “The notion that we’re going to keep 100 individuals in no man’s land in perpetuity,” he added, made no sense. “All of us should reflect on why exactly are we doing this? Why are we doing this?”

Submitted by chadwick newsome on

His plan for the people stuck in Guantanamo is no less horrifying than Guantanamo itself. Eternal detention in maximum security prisons spread out across the country. A defense attorney for a person incarcerated under these conditions compared his client's imprisonment to being 'buried alive'. And this, in the case of Guantanamo detainees, without charge or trial.

May I ask whether this shocks the civilized conscience.? Or whether the 'civilized conscience' is now extinct?

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

Obama's words are so empty. At least this time, the reaction I've seen in most comments is that he's just blowing hot air.

Many at Gitmo have already been cleared for release and Obama can't even muster the needed energy to do that. Closing Gitmo would be so much more bothersome I can't imagine he'll even take the first step.

This is just his classic m.o. - issue a statement in response to a problem. The press covers the statement as a big deal and then it all fades out of view. It's all taken care of because there's been a PR effort.