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On what planet is Mike Bloomberg a liberal?

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What is David Holmes talking about?

Earlier today, below a very evil-looking photo of a very rich Michael Bloomberg, Politico published a list of the top ten political donors of 2014. And much to the glee of conservatives, the two biggest spenders by a mile were hedge fund partner Tom Steyer and ex-New York mayor Michael Bloomberg — both supporters of predominantly liberal causes.

Bloomberg was a REPUBLICAN mayor of New York. He closed schools, continued with the infamous stop and frisk policies, used police state tactics against Occupy Wall Street, and was hideous to the homeless. He was a very conservative mayor, Bloomberg is pro-gun control, but what other liberal cause has he ever supported?

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Bloomberg was a democrat who switched parties to run for mayor. Mark Green was his democratic opponent.

Bloomberg is socially liberal in theory, but ruled as a one percenter as mayor. If there was a weekend snow storm, he do a news conference in a heavy sweater from his getaway enclave in the Bermuda. He made born and bred middle and working class New Yorkers like me feel as if we didn't have enough money to have a valid claim to our city.

Bloomberg fought for surcharges on cars entering Manhattan, the better to keep peons from the outer boroughs and day trippers from New Jersey in their proper place or on mass transit. The upper east side got plowed out first in the event of snow; side streets in Queens waited for days. And we all know about the dire staights of Staten Islanders after Sandy.

But hey, Bloomberg was pro choice, so I guess in some people's eyes that makes him a librull.

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Not to mention Elizabeth Warren, single payer opponent and Iran hawk.