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On Syria, Obama throws his own chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the bus

Not that the military's all that shit hot, having just lost two major wars, but Jeebus, can't Obama even pay attention to the guys he hired?

There is already a casualty of Barack Obama's anticipated strike against Syria: repeated warnings about the dangers of intervention voiced by his most senior military adviser.

General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and former top army officer, has highlighted the risks of US involvement in Syria's bloody civil war for over two years.

Dempsey, a multi-tour command veteran of the Iraq war, has never openly opposed a strike on Syria, something that would risk undermining civilian control of the military. But when asked for his views, in press conferences and testimony, Dempsey has tended to focus on the risks and costs of intervention.

In April, Dempsey said that the US military could force down Syria's warplanes and disrupt its air defenses, but not without significant peril to US pilots, all for a negligible impact on dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Oddly, or not, the War Party never mentions this.

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about that alleged recording of a Syrian officer calling some deployed troops about possible use of chem weapons.

Of course, the NSA may not have anything as they did not give that actual info to the Brits!!! BUT maybe there is an actual conversation and I would bet it is not as construed by the Israelis and Kerry. (Yes, the source is Israeli.)

Read Gareth Porter at TruthOut on this bit of lying, along with other twisting of info and/or facts. Dog help us!

I could not believe Kerry -- but, well, after the serial lying about the NSA revelations which then had to be "corrected" and walked back by various US intel officials, I guess it's just SOP in this administration as in others. Lie to the public. Guess this crew forgot the bit about being plausible lies.... Or, after seeing what Bush/Cheney got away with, they figures, WTF, just go for it. No one's going to check on anything.

And, listening to NPR, it seems only McClatchy reporters are even asking for proof. At least in the run up to the illegal invasion of Iraq, NPR informed it's listeners better than now.

What a clusterfuck.

Obama has to be rushing to war --and now trying to get Congress to share the blame-- because he's hoping the facts will be atomized along with many Syrians and the sites bombed by Obomber.

Heh! RT reports March 19, 2013 alleged CW attack on town near Aleppo shown to be non-standard CW not used by Syrian army and the "missile" used was one made by rebels. OK...think on that, Congress critters!