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On Iraq, now Bush wants to play nice

From (interestingly) the Los Angeles Times:

With public support of the war dropping, President Bush has authorized an internal policy review to find a plan that could satisfy opponents without sacrificing his top goals, the officials said.

Well, since point A, "Bush's top goal," is permanent Iraqi bases and endless war, hopefully with Iran in time for election 2008, it's hard to see exactly how to getting to point B, "satisfy opponents," is possible (absent a complete Democratic capitulation, of course). And speaking of Democrats:

At the same time, a deal could be tempting to lawmakers who see it as a way out of a war that has damaged Congress' reputation as well as the president's. Though Democrats would be reluctant to let Bush off the hook, many "would have a hard time turning down a proposal that offers a real way out," said a Senate Democratic aide.

This tiny little trial balloon is a transparent attempt by Bush to buy more Friedman units. Big fucking deal.

And, "a real way out"? Like the Zen Master said:

The way out is the door.

The real issue--which, of course, nobody running for President and nobody in Versailles on the Potomac is discussing--is whether the country wants to go the way of Rome: Trading a Constitutional system of government for the Imperial mission.

Why is it important for us to have the imperial presence in the world that we do? Suppose you're not on the imperial tit--which leaves out the Beltway--does the empire make us better of, or worse off?

NOTE Why on earth would anybody trust Bush to make a deal?

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