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On his way out Bloomberg Frenetically Grabs Whatever Public RE Remains

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Luxury high rise condo towers to rise in the open spaces of NYC Housing Projects. Because Wasted Assets! No, seriously.

The NYCHA (NY City Housing Authority) -- and its Bloomberg crony appointee (a "community activist" a la Obama) unveils plan to build luxury condo highrises in the open park spaces of City housing projects -- especially the ones near the Rivers. The the structures will waste no ground surface -- they will but up to the low-rise housing projects, lending new meaning to the idea of the Rich looking down on the Poor. The blueprints (pictured) speak for themselves: a physical invasion of public housing by (publicly-financed) Real Estate Kleptocrats (I'm sure other branches of FIRE will be in on these things -- bank loans, construction insurance, ha ha ha).

It is a wonder that Mayor Bloomberg did not go all the way and simply blow up the public housing (his policy of malign neglect after Sandy somehow did not manage to empty out those buildings). Someone probably told him that his "History of the Greatest Mayor of New York" wouldn't look too good if it deleted the chapter about how he created an instant army of 100,000s of minority homeless by blowing up their homes to make way for luxury investment properties for foreign rich people.

This is on the same continuum of events as Mayor Bloomberg inhumane insistence on running the Elite Marathon starting in the Sandy-devastated Staten Island. He was overruled on that one. Let's see how the Mike-bought cockroaches in the City Council try to weasel their way into looking like they "did everything they could to stop it" as kayfabe for their constituents.

The Coat of Arms of Soon-To-Be-Ex Mayor Bloomberg (and the rest of the army of goons pillaging our wealth and assets) says: "We Want Every Last Inch."

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Submitted by Alexa on

is "how" Bloomberg got reelected?

If I recall correctly, he literally had to get the NYC "City Council" (or whatever it's called) to actually change the law so that he could run for a third term!

That alone would have 'freaked me out,' LOL!

And worse, he is a bit time proponent/member of "No Labels!"

Hope you get to update this story, RG. I sure wish those folks a lot of luck--they'll need it!

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

First he bought the support to change the Charter (with a provision that it would revert to 2 terms after he got to serve 3) and then he bought the support (City Council, myriad "community nonprofits" [ha ha] and related on-the-take-people) to get elected. He spent $108 (plus) million of his own money to run the campaign and he only won by a slim margin against the opponent, Comptroller Bill Thompson.

Some people roared indignantly, everyone else just shrugged or robotically repeated the mantra that because of the Crash NYC needed a "great businessman." Little did anyone realize that the label does not apply to a man who got rich renting terminals and then leveraged that wealth to syphon obsecene wealth from rigged financial and asset markets and to shelter much of it in his "nonprofit" and offshore shelters.

He stripped the city pretty bare too, shoveling the loot over to a hungry circle of FIRE looters. It will be hard work to reverse his pernicious legacy -- on too many fronts to list here.