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On broccoli, Politico's first impulse was that Obama was lying


Happy Wednesday and welcome to PULSE, where we were caught a little off-guard to hear that President Barack Obama professed yesterday that his favorite food is broccoli. At first we thought it might have been a white lie in front of an audience of kids learning to eat healthy, but then we found an earlier report that described broccoli and spinach among the president’s favorite foods — along with cheeseburgers, chili and Hawaiian-style pizza

Ha ha ha!

Welcome to the club, experts!

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Well, you have to give them this: Obama has well-established precedents about his credibility on a range of subjects. If he talks out both sides of his mouth about nearly everything else, it would be safe to assume he actually hates broccoli. Maybe like a broken clock, he can be entrusted to tell the truth at least a couple of times a day.