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In case you haven't seen/used these yet.

In my opinion, this is the most fun games to watch ever - because it's completely online. You can see complete replays from every sport, by day they occurred, or watch events live. Sometimes, the experience is completely WITHOUT commentary - which is such a treat! No snide, ignorant blathering. (This is a Huge Event! He's so strong!) No longer are you tied to watching limited coverage of only what NBC wants to show you (4 hours of a bike race in the rain? really?) with a gazillion ads.

Instead, check out the announcer for the mens saber competition - what a hoot. Or who has ever seen water polo? Olympic kayaking? Best of all, it's on our schedule.

Kudos to whoever put up this website (deltatre?) - the streaming is great, I've not seen a broken link yet, and they are right up to date with video and results. Great job - this must be a huge effort!

Also, here's a link to view the opening ceremonies - which isn't available from the above website. View the entire broadcast here as it was seen on the BBC. Just click the Free User and it is virus-free. It appears to be perfectly legal as well.

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I really wanted to see the segment from the opening which was a subtle tribute to those who could not be at the opening, esp'ly those who had died....

And the Sex Pistols' song.

And I missed the opening (who knew NBC was starting things a few minutes before the top of the hour??). I'd like to view the NHS segment again as well.

Can anyone here imagine a US Olympics opening ceremony which honored, oh, SocSec and Medicare? WOW!