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To oligarchs, black kids are nothing but test subjects

Quelle surprise:

The State of Michigan, controlled, like every other state in the country, by business interests, has ordered Detroit to close down half of its public schools, and increase class sizes to 60 students. That’s double the number that any respectable educator considers suitable for classroom work, and tantamount to a declaration that Detroit’s public school students will not be provided an education. In a modern society, this is the equivalent of declaring Detroit – an overwhelmingly Black metropolis – a failed state. ....

The other city is New Orleans, where 70 percent of the students attend charter schools, the highest proportion in the nation. ...

The rulers of America have decided that predominantly Black cities are to become relics of the nation’s past. In New Orleans, they had a hurricane to help them with their ethnic cleansing, but elsewhere, public policies must be crafted that make the cities uninhabitable for much of the existing Black population. Sometimes gentrification does the trick, but one needs lots of affluent white people to push Black folks out of town, and it takes time. But Detroit is to be emptied out in a hurry, by doubling classroom size and utterly ruining the public schools. Then, the education entrepreneurs and hedge fund managers and billionaires can build the kind of charter school system they want, with the kind of children they want, and without the teachers unions, which they definitely do not want.

The privatizers always claim that they have only the interests of the kids, at heart. But if that were the case, they would never even consider doubling classroom size to 60 students, and keeping it that way for at least the next four years – during which time very few students would learn anything. After four years of deliberate torture of children, lots of those kids and their parents will be gone – which is an important object of this cruel exercise. And, if the privatizers have their way, the teachers unions will be busted.

Gee, using black kids as test subjects for a educational theories through brute force and without informed consent... What does that remind me of...

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