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Older and with More Insurance: Hillarites

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yawn, Warrior pose, sniffs coffee Mornin. Was there an election or something yesterday? Let me tell you how well I slept, after a full day away from the computer spent working with my hands, listening to music, planning my gardens. Anyway, I just watched something so funny (as in, you'll laugh), and regardless of what I'm about to read concerning the results, I am going to keep it in mind.

Watch this. Now read this:

I'm a woman over 50 by echinopsia on Sun Jan 27, 2008 at 01:01:45 AM EST

And I can guarantee you that the commitment of women my age and older to Hillary absolutely eclipses that of the youngsters to Obama. We just aren't as googoo-eyed about it.

We're not only older and have more insurance, we have time, energy, determination, strength, wisdom, courage, experience, and money. And we vote.

Obama kiddies will have another chance. We've been waiting all our lives for this.

The Geezer Vote usually greatly outnumbers the Rock the Vote totals. Historically, it's not even close. Further, older women, and women who've been pissed on their whole lives, don't pass up on the opportunity of a lifetime when it comes to having an impact on something as huge as the first Vaginal-American CIC. "Hillary" the brand is more than a floor wax, more than a dessert topping. She's the most symbolically potent (heh) opportunity ever in the history of Fuck You, to make every slack-jawed groper know what it means to feel fear and humilation that one can do nothing to end. I suppose there's even a 'happy' interpretation of what Hillary means to some women. But I think this part is the true core. I was just reading someone quoting Shirley Chisholm ah yes, here it is. Of my two "handicaps" being female put more obstacles in my path than being black.

Time for yoga.

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"The Geezer Vote usually greatly outnumbers the Rock the Vote totals..."

perhaps true. but it seems, judging by the numbers, that this election year brings unprecedented numbers in the youth vote. i'm not sure we can go by typical patterns. and i think hillary's greatest handicap is how much she represents the old guard. its not just youth who are sick to death of bizness as usual.

not saying obama is a New Way on all fronts. but it is undeniable that Clinton is a tired, tired brand.

i am neither black nor female. and yet, i veer away from clinton. it is not because obama's blackness speaks to my experience necessarily. it is not because i do NOT want a female in the white house. it is simply because i do not want a clinton back in the white house.

oh, and because dennis is gone. and edwards is being/has been squeezed out.

.delusions of un mundo mejor.

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The Preternaturally Pale Penis-Possessing People I mean. I worry that this block of the electorate is feeling unwanted and unloved. We may be crushing their spirits. Who are the young of this minority group to have to look up to, and be inspired to think that they may, someday, if they work hard and play by the rules, and get an education and uplift their own people, have a chance to aspire to the highest office in the land?

Well, okay, they've had a good run, or perhaps I should think of Taylor and Buchanan and Bush and just say "long" run, but are those 43 examples enough to sustain the youth of this group?

We must think about the children, dammit!

[/tee hee. Snark only. I love you my white male brethren, truly. I am even related to some of you, and produced more to increase your tribe. But listening to some of these babblers on the teebee last night and today--each panel of which seems capable of including either one Vagina-American or one person of any color whatever, but not both unless they are combined into the same body-- causes evil thoughts. Which are reproduced here for your amusement.]

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Interesting how little we've heard from "women of a certain age" during the campaign season, at least of the paleskin variety.

I tend to think that Hillary doesn't have a natural base -- because most progressives I know are tepid about her -- but I suppose she does.

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Just because:

My greatest political asset, which professional politicians fear, is my mouth, out of which come all kinds of things one shouldn't always discuss for reasons of political expediency.

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Hi nezua,

It'll be great if a tide of young voters starts to identify as liberal, progressive Democrats, and if Obama can do that, more power to him.

My hesitations about Hillary's candidacy have always been about her being able to represent the kind of changes I think the country is ready for. Plus, I do hold her Iraq vote against her, and her failure to articulate a more thorough-going critique of the failures of both the invasion and the occupation than she managed to mount. I have worried about her being too cautious and to ready to compromise.

Mostly I worried that neither Clinton would find a way to de-fang the media monster which was bound to turn them into those "vile Clintons," as Bob Sommerby has framed the eternal hatred of all things Clinton.

What has surprised me has been Obama's use of those same Republican tropes to attack the Clintons, while pretending to be their victims. I suppose he deserves some credit for being able to carry that off, and I certainly hope his dexterity continues when he faces a McCain, for instance, but I'm still unsettled by his willingness to elide the Bush years of 41 and those of 43 with Clinton's eight years in office, and his failure, thus far, to run against the nightmare that hath been wrought by George W. Bush, apparently preferring, instead, to run against some amorphous notion of the Bush-Clinton years, as if the virtues and vices of either and both were the same.

As to crediting the Obama campaign, I think they deserve a lot of that for the ground organization they've put together, but when it comes to misreading, mis-quoting, and generally throwing mud at the Clintons, he had and will have a whole lot of help from the SCLM, and he should be just a little bit ashamed of his willingness to play that game. It was the same game that destroyed Al Gore, and made it impossible for us to have Gore as a candidate, and I'm not convinced yet that Obama represents the kind of change that Gore would have been willing to take on, if there had been any chance that he could have gotten even an even break from the media.

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You're kind of killing your argument that older women aren’t as googoo-eyed about Hillary as younger folks are about Obama by linking to a video that shows two 50 something women looking as googoo-eyed after meeting her as they would have been in 1964 to meet the Beatles.

Obama won 54% of the female vote in SC to 30% for Hillary yday.

He won every age demo m/f
30-44 year olds: 62%-23%
45-59 year olds: 55%-26%
60 and Older: 38%-35%

Hillary tied Edwards with 42% of non-blacks over 65

Obama won among people who attend church more than weekly 64%-23% AND among those who never go 38%-31%.

You can see more here:

If you think angry older white women will come out in droves to elect Hillary all I can say is we've yet to see it in any state except maybe NH where the media tried to bury her for acting human. These women have eyes, ears and minds too besides just vaginas. If you're counting on Chris Matthew's misogyny to put her over the top well good luck with that.

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will vote for Hillary before she votes for Obama. I'm the same age as Obama and I'm not buying what he's selling.

If you’re counting on Chris Matthew’s misogyny to put her over the top well good luck with that.

Really? And what about Citizens United Not Timid? Would you fork over $25 for a tee-shirt with that slogan on it? You're underestimating the backlash.

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Tell ya what, I see anybody wearing one of Roger Stone's t-shirts I'll wrestle him to ground and go thru his wallet and check his ID. Chances are he'll be a Hillboy wearing a shirt he was payed to wear by her campaign.

Because at this point, ginning up anger among white women is all she has left. Like those guys yelling "iron my shirt" at her rally in NH who were from MA, one of whom had a Hillary sticker on his bag in the car.

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i do not disagree with the analysis: hillary herself fails to inspire bill-grade lurv from the populace and is hardly the progressive voice of the young (video game bill). she's run a campaign with not a few missteps. but it's all about endurance. heh. shrugs off devil-figure on shoulder making joke hillary has money, experience, the devotion of those who work for her, and the 52/12 advantage in the general. SC was pushed forward for just this reason, to get us all to talk about what (conservative, xtian, middle and working class) black people want to talk about. i'm very happy that this is now the way it goes.

but remember iowa. which was forgotten after a brief glory week, after NH. so to this shall pass. or did you think the nation's political discourse as interpreted by our fine Kabuki masters in the village, would follow the disucussion in black and brown communities? belly laugh

superduper tuesday is coming, and we'll be told who we want to lead us. the money is record level this time around, the media needs to milk the horserace for a long time to squeeze out every last drop of it. laughing chimp rides zebra off into the sunset so the back and forth, the fake "racist" and "sexist" controvirsies, the non-issue 'issue' and policy dicussion. the avoidance of irq, afghanistan, the market meltdown, inflation/unemployment. i'm with lord atrios: wake me when it's over. it's going to be hillary/obama. that's where my money is. i'm so sorry jonny will be shut out, i'm an Arcist, i wanted to believe.

...and mark, i have to say: you comment is one of many that has awoken the sleeping dragon. seriously, is this how good psyops works or what? i am not nor have i ever been a hillary supporter, but i find myself reaching into my very depths to find feminist arguments to counter the creeping misogyny i perceive. it's like a slow wave or something, we've gone from "witch" to "bitch" to "whore" to "cunt..." pretty soon the jokes are going to be about raping her and cutting off her tits. let's don't go there. women can't help but get angry when the volume of hatred is turned up so high. they also will get organized. it's a grrl thing.

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I don't think our famously free press learned a thing from NH except to try to fuck Hillary harder.

I guess I'm one of the people who have totally turned off the narrative. Whatever the Clintons do is wrong, and whatever Obama does is right, so why should I listen to more cries of faux outrage? When the Howler looks at this story, I'll worry about it. I've already been personally called a racist by the OFB too many times to worry about more charges like that.

In any case, Obama seems to think that politics isn't even beanbag, but European soccer. You know, when Player A brushes player B with the sleeve of his shirt, and Player B falls to the the ground, writhing and whimpering, and has to be carried off the field on a stretcher? Of course, our situation is even worse, since the refs are in on it.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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A controversy that isn't, but spreads virally until people fight to the death over it.

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...arguably Hillary's one big win, that she took by all of 3 points, the MSNBC exit poll showed that 58% of her supporters given the chance would vote for Bill over her. Hardly a huge wave of girl power.

Now that Bill's tarnished his image it's being widely reported that they're muzzling him. Even 2/3 of Hillary supporters in SC said he went over the line. My guess is that's misdirection spread to the media as was the "we won't go negative" line after IA. Without Bill who does she have as tarmac surrogates in the tsunami states? Terry McAuliffe? Mark Penn?

Obama has won his primaries with huge margins. Hillary didn't even get delegate wins in NV or NH according to CNN's website.

The poll consensus in SC said Barack was expected to get an 11 point win with about 10% of the white vote. He won by 27 and took 24% of all white votes and half of whites under 30. By rights that should be covered and he should get a bounce over the next week. Having Teddy, Caroline, Patrick Kennedy and all those others like the woman governor of Kansas endorse him this week ought to help too.

As for media coverage Chuck Todd MSNBC's political analyst was saying Saturday the only question to be answered that night was how badly Obama's win in SC would "damage" him. ABC News published a story earlier in the week saying Obama had an ugly confrontation, practically freaked out at Jeff Zeleny of the NYT when he asked if Bill Clinton was getting inside his head. The video shows no such thing. His media coverage isn't any better than Hillary's. Edward's gets little free media because at this point they'd be accused of propping up a dead campaign.

Seems to me that Obama is the actual, if stealth, Republican candidate. They sure say nice things about him while fielding, and not funding, loser candidates. And I have a suspicion that if some whites vote for him who one wouldn't expect to, it's because he's Not Like Those Others: technically he's not African American, he's Euro-Kenyan American, ahistorical, doesn't remind us of how bad we whites have been to African Americans (or Native Americans, for that matter).

As a white feminist activist in my early 70s, my mood today is that I have to resign myself to the power of the patriarchy: its control is absolute. With any luck I will talk myself out of this defeatist attitude.