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Old injustice, new injustice -- still injustice

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Israel's right to exist trumps Lebanon's right to shelter Hez-b-allah. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

Meanwhile, let me remind you where suicide bombing was invented. It started in Israel. It started with a way to kill Jews. It wasn't the Jews who loaded cars with explosives and blew up soldiers. It wasn't the Jews who dressed teenagers in vests or belts full of explosives and sent them onto buses and detonated them with cell phones in case the kids chickened out. It wasn't the Jews who rewarded the families of these "martyrs" with bounty money.

You want to blame Israel? Israel exists because the "winners" in WW2 were too chickenshit to give the Jews who survived back the houses, the banks, the businesses and homes, stolen from them by the Nazis and their allies throughout Europe in the 1930s. Instead the "winners" parceled out some territory in a desert for the Jews, no doubt figuring the effort to stay a step ahead of starvation would prevent them from building anything resembling a nation that could threaten the world's "powers" flush with their own hubris after Hiroshima.

Justice would've been giving back what belonged to the people victimized. It wasn't done. As they have been doing for untold generations, though, the Jews took what they had -- a desert in a remote part of the world surrounded by nations of people who hated them murderously -- and made the best of it. Kibbutzim grew, and out of simple necessity the everyday citizen -- male, female, young, old -- became also a soldier.

Now because instead of huddling in "refugee camps" and seething in hatred, they've built a nation and won three wars and created a working nation with a decent economy, the resentment arises on behalf of the poor downtrodden Palestinian refugees. "Refugees" who are too poor to educate their kids or take care of their ill and elderly, but not too poor to buy guns and ammunition, cell phones and chemical explosives; "refugees" who can't afford to build decent houses, raise gardens and livestock, construct schools and hospitals, create businesses, but have no problem raising bounty money to remunerate the families whose children they sacrifice on buses and in nightclubs and at temples.

Explain to me why ISRAEL is at fault here.

Oh, I forgot. They're Jews.

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