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Okay, It's Final: We Have To Bomb Ourselves

"Governments which support or harbor terrorists" are on our Must Be Overthrown Or Destroyed" list, right? From today's Chicago Tribune:

In the heart of Tehran sits one of Iran's most important nuclear facilities, a dome-shaped building where scientists have conducted secret experiments that could help the country build atomic bombs. It was provided to the Iranians by the United States.

The Tehran Research Reactor represents a little-known aspect of the international uproar over the country's alleged weapons program. Not only did the U.S. provide the reactor in the 1960s as part of a Cold War strategy, America also supplied the weapons-grade uranium needed to power the facility--fuel that remains in Iran and could be used to help make nuclear arms.

Oopsie. And, oh yeah:

Another overlooked concern about the Tehran reactor is the weapons-grade fuel the U.S. provided Iran in the 1960s--about 10 pounds of highly enriched uranium, the most valuable material to bombmakers. It is still at the reactor and susceptible to theft, U.S. scientists familiar with the situation said.

Double oopsie. And what is our attitude towards countries which do such things?

Countries that provide Iran such technology "ought to know better," said [a US spokesman]. If foreign companies aid Iran, the U.S. "will impose economic burdens and brand them as proliferators."

The spokesman in question? That, John Bolton, currently US ambassador to the United Nations. Our supply of "oopsies" is becoming depleted.

Half a century or more of US meddling in the affairs of other countries, Iran in this case, has produced precisely the situation our current Bozo in Chief is trying to whip up hysteria about, with the sole intent of gaining political advantage therefrom. How about we try leaving them the fuck alone for awhile and, oh, maybe, letting them settle their own affairs for a change?

Just a thought. Might be worth a try.

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