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OK. what down-ticket races should I be watching?

Any progressives?

Or any particularly loathesome Blue Dogs?

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Even a Blue Dog would help (Cornyn is not merely GOP and a Bush rubber stamp, he's useless to boot).

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Pro-fourth amendment

but promise me you won't send a dime to anyone until you have taken care of your teeth.

content yourself with link love until then.

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Another reason to support Regina Thomas is that Obama has endorsed her Blue Dog (Bush-licking) Democrat opponent, John Barrows. Barrow is reactionary and hardly worthy of the name Democrat.

I know that people who tend to read and comment here are not particular fans of Obama's, but now here's an opportunity to help someone truly spectacular and let Obama know how we feel about him getting involved in a primary race on the wrong side.

He did this once before - Lieberman vs Lamont and it has come back to bite him. Let's make sure that Thomas has enough dough to win.

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with Ann Kirkpatrick would be nice. I confess to not being up on who her primary challengers are (although I believe she's favored to win), but I saw her speak at Emily's List and was impressed by her focus on the economic problems the Native Americans face in her district. Unlike Renzi who bought his seat (becasue of poverty in the area, the seat is one of the more buyable because most money has to be raised outside of the district, it was also John McCain's seat, I believe), Kirkpatrick grew up in Arizona, and even lived on Apache land (her parents worked there), and she spoke very movingly about the average income of $7,000 a year for the Navajo and the lack of electricity and running water for an embarrassingly high percentage of them.

That's what impressed me. She didn't tell me what she was going to do for me or hit all the right liberal issues so I would donate, she spoke about how desperately the people in her district need help and how committed she was to getting them that help. After Rick Renzi, I'd say the people in AZ-1 could use it.

Plus, her likely GOP opponent, Sydney Hay, is a lobbyist for the mining industry. Yeah, do I really need to say more.

And I second the Regina Thomas recommendation.

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Jeff Merkley over Gordon Smith for US Senate.

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was on Feingold's list. I know a lot of folks were disappointed when Jim Neal lost the North Carolina primary, but Kay Hagen would be a huge improvement over Elizabeth Dole and she's within 10 points of her in polls. And if you add in Bev Perdue, you'd have two pro-choice women representing North Carolina. That may not sound like a big deal but the last pro-choice woman Governor in the South was Ann Richards.