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Oil FAIL: Why not try the "junk shot"?

Al Schuman:

Two birds. One stone. Use the BP board of directions and the management to cap the gusher. Stuff them all into the pipe. There's no need to for perfect precision—although that would help. Just keep stuffing them down into it and hope for the best.


Can't we use some "administration officials" too?

NOTE I guess this isn't exactly the most NV post ever written... But, what a guilty pleasure! And heck, why haven't these guys volunteered? And here's the definition of "junk shot," for those who came in late:

Officials with BP and other companies involved in the effort, who discussed the plans in detail at some of the operations rooms, said the best of several options included a “junk shot,” which could be tried within the week. The method involves pumping odds and ends like plastic cubes, knotted rope, even golf balls — Titleists or whatever, BP isn’t saying — into the blowout preventer, the safety device atop the well.

Now, whether a BP exec has the plugging power of a golf ball... Well, we'll never know 'til we try! And perhaps we can make up for the lack of density with compression.

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A nice conclusion to the angry belly-laugh induced by Al's flight of fancy came when I followed his link to Charles Davis, who concludes:

Instead of banking on a politician improving our world, my advice? Improve yourself. Be an example to others. Work not on the behalf of a political party, but your community. Put simply, forget the polling booth and head to the soup kitchen. At least then you won't be complicit in a bloodied, immoral system.