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Oil FAIL: Why not just declare BP an "unlawful combatant"?

(I mean, just because BP is a corporate person, we can't do that? Why not? See Citizens United...) Ari Gibbs on why we can't get flow rate data direct from the well:

"[GIBBS] We have pushed [BP] to make things more public," Gibbs said. "There are laws that govern the proprietary information of companies. We can't change each and every one of those laws."

Come off it. The President who's decided he can shoot American citizens whenever he wants can't handle a little matter of "proprietary information"? This is pathetic. Obama's not getting the flow rate data because the elite doesn't want hard evidence of how bad the situation is.

Oh, and McClatchy's headline is terrific:

A month after oil spill began, Obama begins taking charge

Yeah, by setting up a bi-partisan commission that's going to report back in six months. That's pathetic, too.

NOTE So far as I can tell, the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling doesn't have subpoena power. And it's not supposed to interfere with criminal investigations, either, which sounds reasonable, except it's also a recipe for bottling up any real problems at the DOJ. In other words -- quelle surprise -- Obama's commission is a scam and a sham. But then you knew that.

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Obama has plenty of lawyers to argue public safety exceptions to the 4th Amendment, and in fact, has aggressively argued this. So it's kind of touching to see them finally respect civil liberties. I mean, when one is looking for "public safety" exceptions to the 4th Amendment I would have thought that the worst (and ongoing!) ecological disaster in this nation's history as posing a clear and present threat while the threat of underwear bombers is rather underwhelming.