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Oil FAIL: Now, THIS would be bad

Read the whole thing. Shorter:

Gaia farts. Then some joker with a match lights the fart on fire and sucks all the oxygen out of the atmosphere. (In other words, the real problem isn't the oil, but a gigantic methane bubble in the Macondo field. If the crust cracks, and there are signs this is happening, well, that would be bad.)

Not dinosaur-meet-asteriod bad, actually. Just a couple of tsunamis in the Gulf.

Sure, a worst case ("low probability, high impact") scenario. Then again, 1000 to 5000 to 60000 to 100000... Continued press censorship... "Ponies and balloons" from the maladministration and its owner, BP... Don't you get the suspicion that the situation is a lot worse than the catastrophe it already is?

NOTE Via Steven D at, of all places, BooMan.

NOTE More via Crows Nest, with excellent quotes on methane from Reuters, and excellent quotes on fracturing crust as well. (Note that MonkeyFister was onto sea floor damage immediately).

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Submitted by vastleft on

"Ultimately, we need to move beyond the tired debates between right and left, between business leaders and environmentalists, between those who would claim drilling is a cure all and those who would claim it has no place," he didn't say we wouldn't get our hair mussed.

Submitted by lambert on

I mean, a catastrophic oil gusher in the Gulf that nobody knows how to stop isn't a cure all, and it definitely has no place. What's wrong with you?