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Oil Fail: My Little Experiment...

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I have this bucket that I fill with water for hand watering small fruits and other things in my yard. Tuesday, I still had a gallon or two of water in it when I was done. I just left it in there. Thursday, I came home, and was getting ready to re-fill it, when I noticed the rainbow sheen of oil.

I dumped out the water, cleaned it out with dish detergent, rinsed it thoroughly, re-filled it, did my watering, and purposefully re-filled it with a couple of gallons of fresh water. Last night, I made sure there was no oily sheen there.

Sad to report that there is a very light sheen of oil on the surface of the water, today. When I blow on the water surface, it moves back, and then re-seals. I am going to continue this experiment every day, now. Hopefully, when the light gets a little better, I can start taking pictures, and getting them posted at my own blog on a day-to-day basis.

I'd like to ask you all to start conducting this same, simple experiment, if you live within the "Gulf Moisture Bubble" from the Gulf to the Mid-South, to Georgia.

Take a clean bucket or wash basin, fill it with fresh water daily. Check it every 24-hours, and repeat. Report observations in comments, at the daily experiment post at my place... Perhaps some Math-type with mad graphing skillz will help map our observations over the coming weeks.

I'll keep the Corrente Building updated regularly.


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Submitted by lambert on

... every time an oil sheen post was created, if people would be willing to sign in here and add the data (which could also include pictures and other data). The posts would drive the map. And other data could be integrated dynamically as well.

I'm not trying to hijack your efforts, but Drupal does have technical capabilities that blogger does not, and perhaps I could get others involved, too.

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Submitted by MoveThatBus on

The video may have gone viral, but the likelihood it will ever "rain oil" is under dispute.

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

And it's a good bet that the only people collecting data on this are ordinary citizens. It would be great if you could point me to any scientists who are actually going to study potential atmospheric effects of the Gulf disaster. At best, maybe after locals start dying from it in a couple of years.

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by one of the two ships at BP's deepwater spill. It expands to something that looks like the ash cloud from a small volcano. That's not refined product, and there are bound to be tons of unburned hydrocarbons. And all of it is settling downwind, sooner or later.

If the wind is blowing eastward, I wouldn't be surprised if someone doing this experiment on the eastern side of the Atlantic found a sheen too.

At the rate things are going, this thing will probably help slow down global warming for several years. /*science gallows humor alert*/

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Submitted by Monkeyfister on

I do not have the capability to drive anyone here.


I post at my place, and the MAIN experiment is being conducted here:

I hope that Corentians who live down my way will start reporting in here. I'll look to you to hijack this, and also scoop up some data from others at my place and the LATOC forum.

It will be a very, very worthwhile experiment. I suspect those of us down here in the South are GOING to find sheen in the coming days, and it WILL eventually drive the Media out of their slumber.

Optimistic me.

I am so nothing, I could put a bullet in my head, and not even my parents would notice for weeks. I matter more to people I don't even know.

So run with it. Credit me if you feel altruistic.

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