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Oil FAIL: "This is the most vigorous methane eruption in modern human history"

(Texas A&M oceanographer John Kessler).

Well, except for the 2008 Obama campaign, of course.

The usual suspects may now pile on!

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Submitted by madamab on

I was thinking "Except for last night at Dubya's house," but I like yours better. ;-)

I will never forget when I read that Dubya liked to discomfit new staff members by farting during the introductions. (It was a long expose in the New Republic or something.) Ever since then, Bush and methane have been automatically linked in my brain.

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as a metaphor for his Presidential productivity, are only dwarfed by the absolute constipation of Obama in his response to the devastation of the Gulf ecology, and the coming destruction, to what degree only the goddess knows, of the One Ocean, our air and weather....I weep and Rage!!! I am only one (small) person, but I am running as the Green party candidate, US Congress, District 12, MI, because I HAVE TO FIGHT BACK!!!