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Oil FAIL: BP CEO Tony Hayward on underwater oil plumes: Ignorant, or lying?

Who you gonna believe? BP CEO Hayward:

"The oil is on the surface," Hayward said. "There aren't any plumes."

Or marine scientists sampling Gulf waters? Samantha Joye, "Trust your senses":

We triggered sample collection bottles 300m below the plume, from two depths within the plume, and from 300m above the plume. When the water collected from within the plume was transferred into collection bottles, we noticed an oil sheen. You could see it. Everybody saw it. Everybody got excited. Seeing is believing. Even more, the bottles from the plume layers smelled strongly of petroleum. The bottles from above and below the plume did not.

dam Rivers is filtering large volumes of water to collect samples of messenger RNA from the microbial population. The water from 800m, which was 300m above the plume, served as a control. At 800m depth, there was no CDOM signal. Adam filtered 10L of this water and after filtration, there was no visible oil on the filter. The filter was white and clean.

Then, Adam filtered 10L of water collected from within the core of the CDOM plume, from 1140m water depth. The plume filter was visibly oily and the water smelled strongly of petroleum. This filter has a brown sheen of oil on it after filtration (see photo).

Seeing oil in this quantity from plume filters is convincing evidence that the deep waters do in fact contain oil. The smell of petroleum is strong in waters from this layer.

I'm going for Door #2: Hayward's lying.

What I can't understand is why a BP CEO would, well, just make shit up. I mean, other than money, of course. I'm guessing Hayward feels that he can say whatever the fuck he wants without being held accountable in any way, and based on the free pass the banksters got from everybody in Versailles from Obama on down, it's hard to say he's wrong.

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and he may get away with it. That is why they dumped all that dispersant in the ocean, what is not on the beach they can just deny.

bp is counting on no serious push back

that and making this Obama's catastrophe and not theirs.