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"Oil Clusterfuck Denial" Hollywood Summer Blockbuster Open Thread

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So last night we took the kids to a drive in theater to see the new Shrek movie. It was a great night, we got there early and threw around the frisbee for an hour or so, and generally had a really nice start to the holiday weekend.

The movie itself was pretty good, about what I expected; fine for an evening's light entertainment and escapism from thinking about the worst environmental disaster in the nation's history (Joe Sestak too!)

I don't see many movies - I feel like the only person in North America who hasn't seen Avatar - so admittedly I don't have a very expansive list to go through, but the last summer blockbuster that I saw in theaters and was totally blown away by was Raiders of the Losk Ark.

Thinking to some of the popcorn flicks I've seen since then, most have been largely disposable, which is obviously fine when all you're looking for is 90 minutes of cheap thrills. But the ones I can think of off the top of my head in the last generation or so (the most recent Indy installment, Independence Day, that sort of thing) haven't had any real magic to them.

Question for the thread: what summer movies are your favorites, and are there any you're looking forward to this year?

And by the way, at $16 per car and a $5 "bring your own food" fee, is there a better value in mainstream entertainment than a drive in theater?

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Wow - the last one in operation here in Tucson closed just after we moved here.

Drive-ins....bring back fond memories of when I was a kid - way back when.

On a slightly different topic: I learned about Kate Ross and four books she wrote through a book review thread here at Corrente. They are her Julian Kestrel series (which she sadly never got to complete...)

Anyway - I have the four books if anyone wants them. I will pack 'em up and ship 'em out to the first person who e-mails me at First come. First served.

Oh, and also check out the Denver Meetup post down below.

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Gods and Men review

Of Gods and Men,” a film by the French director Xavier Beauvois, centers around the true story of seven Cistercian monks who were taken hostage by Islamic fundamentalists in 1996...

[snip -- spoiler alert... maybe don't read the link, sorry I did]

On Sunday, the movie was awarded the “Grand Prix” honor, which is the festival's second highest prize.

Kate Muir, a film critic for the London-based Times Online, called the film the “most intensely passionate” one of the Cannes event, and according to her, during the movie's premier the “audience wept.”

One of the actors is especially awesome the reviewer said. He also said if he were the Catholic Church he would buy a million of the DVDs and spread them everywhere since it showed what the highest level of Catholicism actually stood for.

Another movie I want to see with Oliver Platte (spell?) called Please Give (I think).

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When I was a teen, we had two in our county. One closed just before the start of my senior year of high school and the second in 1997. Those were some great times.

Since then, I've pretty much stuck to video rentals. The last time I was in an actual theater was to take my then-5yo nephew to see "Cars" on his birthday.

I do want to see the documentary "Gasland," about the environmental effects of natural gas "fracking" around the country -- some of which we're seeing already in northeastern PA (flaming water taps!). The director is doing showings across the country, but for those with cable and premium channels, it premieres on HBO on June 21st. (Trailer)