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Ohio debate thread at TalkLeft

With cool live blogging technology! I mean, why not give progressives the hits?

Hey, Russert hates Hillary, is deep in the tank for Obama. Who knew?

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When the National Review's Corner calls you out on your Hillary hate, you know you have a problem. There could be entire college courses dedicated to the hows and whys one woman scares so many of the very big media males.

BTD was on fire with his NBC hate in that Talk Left live blog. Blow Dried = Brian Williams. Punch Line = Keith Olbermann. Heh.

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I'm approaching the one-hour mark, and reading the comments on TalkLeft.

Two highlights come from TL's readers,the second relaying a comment from the National Review (!):

Reader: Why are we letting Tim Russert pick our President?

[Comment From Corey]
Andy McCarthy @ corner.nationalreview :: Is this a debate or a roast? If Fox did this to Hil, the Left would go ballistic. But this is their hometown channel.

Only thing is, today's Left wouldn't have any problem at all with Fox ripping her to shreds. They'd just wish they'd DVR'ed it.