If you have "no place to go," come here!

Oh yeah! Take her up on it, Dr. Dean!

Rare are the occasions when words on a screen just force the face into a snarl (well, assuming one is not Dick Cheney so that is a normal default expression.) This one did it for me:

The head of Alabama's Republican Party has an offer for Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean: She'll pay for the plane ticket if he will come campaign with Democratic gubernatorial nominee Lucy Baxley.

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh said Friday she would foot the cost of Dean's flight to Alabama if he'd come stand with Baxley and explain his party's position on issues including abortion, gay marriage, gun rights and taxes.

Cavanaugh made her comments ahead of an appearance by Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman in Birmingham.

Why is "Twinkle Andress" (does that name by itself not just induce a snarly-face, if not projectile vomiting?) making this oh-so-generous offer? Hmm, might be that they have a couple of Issues they would really rather talk about something else than address? However did you guess...

Baxley spokesman Jeff Bridges said he didn't know whether the Democratic lieutenant governor was interested in campaigning with Dean.

But instead of "spouting off again about the national party," Cavanaugh should address recent reports that GOP Gov. Bob Riley got $13 million in campaign money in 2002 from the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, which wanted to keep casino gaming out of Alabama, he said.

Heh, indeedy. Go for it, Dr. Dean! Take Twinkle up on her oh-so-generous offer and give Alabama a speech like they've never heard before. Get the people fired up. It ain't a 49-state-strategy we're running here. Do it on their dime to boot.

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