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Oh yeah, and this Sam Graves goober...

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is my congressional representative. It's so embarrassing, really. He's apparently completely out of ideas as to how to run a campaign. I like Kay Barnes's response ad to this tactless attack.

(For more on the national coverage of Graves' pathetic ad, go here.)

If you want to learn more about Graves, you should go read this article. It's pretty informative and tells you about all you need to know about Sam Graves' thuggish campaign tactics.

I'm so proud he's my congressional rep.

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I really hope that she wins.

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He ran one of those "San Francisco" ads against Harvey Gantt. Because nothing goes with race baiting quite as well as gay baiting.

I've been having quite a few Helms v. Gantt flashbacks lately, I blame CNN for hiring that wanker Castellanos. I'd finally put that race behind me.