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Oh what a relief it is


That ,at least in Europe, there is someone to actually stop the merry go round that is government and lobbying. Too bad we don't have a similar functionary OR a media
that doesn't accept the bovine excrement that Congress critters need lobbyists to 'educate' them on complex subjects OR that such is some sort of 'free speech'(if it was 'free' why are these lobbyists so well paid?)
EU Commission probed by ombudsman over lobbyists

"The European Ombudsman has begun investigating the European Commission's links with lobbyists amid concern about alleged conflicts of interest."

"For too long, the Commission has turned a blind eye to the conflicts of interest that can arise when EU bureaucrats change job to become lobbyists, or when lobbyists start working in the EU administration. The Ombudsman's investigation should lead the Commission to close the revolving door to private lobbyists who put the public interest at risk."

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