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Oh, that's really smart. "Progressive" access bloggers make fun of Scott Brown's truck


Stop by. I can guarantee you that we won't be droning on about how the President must pass the Republican agenda and invade somewhere immediately because some hairy centerfold with a truck just won a special election in Massachusetts.

And if any "progressive" pundits want to ask themselves how the Dems managed to lose a seat to a male Cosmo centerfold, they might start out by asking themselves what kind of class marker a truck is,* and what kind of message the Dems sent to those voters by planning to tax "Cadillac plans" instead of the rich:

For a year and a half, we campaigned against the tax on our health care benefits. We trudged through neighboring New Hampshire with fliers explaining that Sen. John McCain wanted to fund health care expansion by a benefits tax.

[no-glossary]Conservative[/no-glossary] members of my local Executive Board were adamant in saying the outcome of our health care campaign would be a tax on working people to extend coverage to poor people. Recognizing a classic Republican “wedge issue,” we argued that those without insurance include our own children. We could win a plan to tax the wealthiest and cut into the blood money of the health care profiteers.

Ultimately, we were wrong. In the last week of the Coakley campaign, the papers were full of the story: “Obama Supports “Cadillac Tax.” Sen. John Kerry cited an MIT economist who said the tax would increase wages for grateful working stiffs. I can usually figure out which chalkboard equation the classical economists are fondling: Absent merely life itself, they present a circular logic that proves itself. But the MIT argument escaped me.

We fought back hard. Coakley opposed the tax, but everyone figured she’d vote for it. The exemptions and improvements negotiated by AFL-CIO President Trumka and others were heroic—and they helped. We heard the outcome of the negotiations Thursday night. My local had a flier in the shop Friday afternoon, the last workday before the Tuesday election because of the King Holiday. Hardcore union activists gritted their teeth and hit the phones for 1,500 labor council calls.

Too late. Coakley won Lynn and Boston, but lost the union vote by 3 percent.

As usual, "progressives" want to look everywhere but themselves -- and Obama -- when pointing the finger of blame. So much easier, simpler, and above all more fun to blame the voters.

Brown drives truck! [snicker] Can you imagine?

NOTE * Gosh, could that be why Brown made sure there were photo-ops of him driving one?

NOTE Via TalkLeft.

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Submitted by john.halle on

And this perfectly replicates Dems blaming of Nader and the Greens for losing in 2000.

Put blame everywhere except for where it belongs:

On yourselves.

But their are some signs that the broader public has been innoculated against this particular virus.

Let's hope so.

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Submitted by vastleft on

It's a free play for Republicans, the Official Party of Christian Rectitude, regardless of how many sex scandals they may have.

For Dems, bashing former centerfolds and beauty queens makes us look petty and unfun-loving.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Who've done some sexual things that "others" might think is inappopriate, are unfit for public office, is sex negative.

That doesn't mean that Brown is sex positive, just that the progs are acting sex-negative. Though most of those idiot progs are probably amongst the first to start screaming at women to "Show Us Ur Tits!" Which is sex negative, too, though in their minds, since it's supporting sex for themselves, it must be sex positive.

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Submitted by jjmtacoma on

about the so-called-progressives fascination with teen pregnancies, "cankles", beauty-queens, trucks, being a union member...

They just can't seem to let go and they clearly don't realize that throw more of the base under the bus with each disparaging comment.

The reactions of the so-called-progressives makes the Republicans seem more accepting and tolerant of the values of the un (ivy league) educated masses.

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Submitted by vastleft on

... the propagation of "Diaper David Vitter." (An example of the sex-negative thing, rather than the class thing).

There is no legitimate sourcing to the rumor that he indulged in that particular kink, but "we" have become just as fond of what we used to decry as "the politics of personal destruction" as the other guys are, and IMHO we don't wear it well.

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Submitted by jbaker on

As someone who is honest enough to admit that while I'd never vote for him, I'd say Scott Brown looked Pretty. Freakin'. Hot. in that centerfold picture and is a very attractive man today. And I used to have a small pickup and several SUV's - I'll admit it - I loved them. I wish I had one today instead of a non-descript little car (but it's a GM - American brand all the way!)

I find it funny that so many people who consider themselves "progressive" want to diss on people who don't want to drive dumb little things that look like wind-up toys. (These progressives, too, would also rather support companies like Honda, Kia, and Toyota, [who just announced the second largest recall of all time on vehicles that had already been recalled because they didn't fix the problem the first time] - all foreign companies that, because of unfair trade policies, have set up shop here without union workers, but where things like rampant sexual harassment goes on (see: Mitsubishi)). Newflash #1) - most people in this country do not live in a city with limited parking and access to public transportation. Heck, even people in some cities don't have good public transportation. (As an aside - I would HATE if we all lived in cities - yuck!)

And newsflash #2 - many of those dirty trucks cost $40-$50 K. The unwashed masses aren't buying those.

Rambling I know - but it just grates me that the so-called "enlightened" among us can really be as closed-minded as what we accuse conservatives of being.

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Submitted by quixote on

dumb little things that look like wind-up toys

Aren't you doing it yourself? If big trucks aren't stupid, why are little things dumb?)

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Submitted by jbaker on

But c'mon - those Smart car things really do look like they need a wind up key on the top. (And they certainly don't look safe to ride in).

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Submitted by nycweboy on

I'd have more issue with Digby if "hairy centerfold with a truck" didn't put me in a mind of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and the socialist's dismissal of Arthur's being King because of the Lady in the Lake. You can't just elect some hairy centerfold with a truck and call it a system of government... or something. :)

I agree, there's an ugly strain of looking down on others, but I'd vote for a hairy centerfold with a truck... if he was hott. :)

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Submitted by Pacific John on

find out that he's a jock (approx. top 2 1/2% triathlete in his age group) and turn off the casual voters who are in to fitness. The swim/bike/run people are already nodding their approval that it's a sign of good character. It *is* a sign of dedication.

I'd lay money that some pale blogger says something stupid.

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Submitted by Michael Wilk on

Scott Brown is a typical elite corporatist who thinks he can pander to voters by boasting that he drives a truck. If I wanted to endear myself to voters, I'd do something far out like getting substantive health care reform passed or making sure the schools have enough up-to-date textbooks and other supplies with which to teach our nation's future workforce so they can grow up to be educated, active, productive citizens. I'd get really crazy and get results people can see that work for them. What I won't do is insult them by pandering to what I think is the lowest common denominator by buying myself a pickup truck for showing off my "regular" American credentials.

That is how you dismiss the boasts coming from Mr. "I drive a TRUCK!"

Submitted by hipparchia on

i'd make this one edit though:

What I won't do is insult them by pandering to what I think is the lowest common denominator by buying myself a pickup truck for showing off my "regular" American credentials.

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Submitted by Michael Wilk on

I could probably condense the rest into something less wordy. Thanks for the suggestion.

Submitted by lambert on


What I won't do is buy myself a pickup truck to show I'm a regular American. That's just insulting.

Only the "creative class" cares about credentials. Delete.

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Submitted by Valhalla on

of course I will:

I think that even this isn't so great, if any part of your audience is potentially truck-buying or truck-owning. (btw, this truck thing has eerie echoes of the whole All You Wimminz Should be Insulted! Insulted! by Sarah Palin as VP*). In general, telling people who weren't already insulted what they should be insulted by isn't a winner. Plus it still segregates out the truck vs nontruck people.

I'd actually take your original para. and do something like this:

I think it's great that Scott Brown drives a truck! I want everyone who wants a truck to have a truck! But I bet most of you can't afford a new truck. And that's why I'm going to work to get the economy going for all of the people who work, who want to work, and who work hard. That's why I'm working to get substantive health care reform passed and make sure your children's schools have enough up-to-date textbooks and other supplies they need so we can make our nation's future workforce into educated, active, productive citizens. So your kids will have good educations and good jobs and good health so they can buy a truck if they want. So you don't have to worry about going bankrupt if a member of your family get sick. So you can afford that truck if you want it. **

Ok, so not so smooth, I'm keeping my day job! but it takes all the insult out being a truck person, or dividing people into we who are so smart we understand what's really going on versus you who need to be told when to feel insulted.

* I can attest to how annoying this particular strategem was, having been on the receiving end.

** probably the truck refrain here will annoy all the truck-sneerers, but you already have them on your side, so it won't matter. Besides, where are they going to go?

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Submitted by Sarah on

a "truck", and nor is it old.

A truck is, if a Chevy, a Silverado. If a GMC, a Sierra. In other words, a truck is a pickup. This thing's a cross between a a station wagon and an SUV.

Here's the dimensions for the bed of this "truck":
Cargo area dimensions: length (inches): 72.8, front width (inches): 57.2, width between arches (inches): 42.6, height (inches): 18.6 and loading floor height (inches): 27.5

He either bought it second-hand or he's not taken care of it, if the miles claimed are accurate. (200000)

I have an old truck. It was an old truck when I bought it in 2003. (It's a 1997.)
It's not falling apart. It's not an embarrassment. I'm proud of it. I've defended it here before. It's a Dodge. It's not a wussy political toy. It's PAID FOR. It looks like this:



Except there's not Cali plates on mine and it's not missing the center caps on the wheels.

Oh, and mine's a short-bed:
Cargo area dimensions: length (mm): 2,083, front width (mm): 1,631 and width between arches (mm): 1,270

I'm a Democrat. Now, tell me, who's more fiscally conservative? Somebody who saves up the money to buy, and takes the time to find, a good used American vehicle and then keeps it maintained (with the help of locally-owned and operated shops) for five years or more, or somebody like Senator Brown??

This is Scott Brown's "old truck" -- a 2005 GMC Canyon.

The 50-year-old Brown, currently a state senator, styled himself an "independent thinker", but most of those thoughts seemed to concern his 2005 GMC Canyon pickup. Coupled with stump-speech appearances in work shirts and jeans, it was a straightforwardly populist strategy, but it proved perfectly sufficient.

Oh, btw, this is not a photo of Brown's actual Canyon.

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Submitted by Sarah on

Convincingly and with facts, which the GOP will not (nor will the "TEA Party") admit to.

Oh, and I'm the same age as Scott Brown, but I was never a Centerfold.
I am an honorably discharged US Air Force veteran though.

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Submitted by Sarah on

was a metaphor. But in retrospect not a bad one, as if you look at who bankrolled his run, it was in fact Wall Street and big corps.

Here's the thing. What with the Prius now suspect, Toyota's having a real bad time.
"Too big to fail" is the same thing as FAILING UPWARD (remember that? it pretty well describes w's career).

Brown has to run again for the '12 election, does he not?

Brown's truck's history *ought* to be available, if you have a reader in his home state who's savvy about accessing the internet records. How many years has it been registered in his name?

(If you ran a VIN search and found it on Ebay a year or less ago, quelle surprise, eh?)