If you have "no place to go," come here!

Oh, snap!

Sadly, no!:

It’s like Jonah [Goldberg]’s never talked to a liberal in his entire life. He reminds me of Steve Carell in the 40-Year-Old Virgin describing a woman’s breast as a bag of sand.

But Jonah is very serious! And like Dick Cheney, he has "other priorities":

As for why my sorry a** isn't in the kill zone, lots of people think this is a searingly pertinent question. No answer I could give -- I'm 35 years old, my family couldn't afford the lost income, I have a baby daughter, my a** is, er, sorry, are a few -- ever seem to suffice. But this chicken-hawk nonsense is something that's been batted around too many times to get into again here.

And there you have it. I really can't think of anyone more superbly qualified to write a book about liberals than Lucianne's spawn, Jonah.

Please, can't we -- Liberal Fascism -- Google bomb this one?

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

is a product, carefully crafted and tested, when one considers the case of "books" like these.

seriously- who reads them? who buys them? we already know, and the holy mother nyt admits with that little cross symbol, that these are only 'bestsellers' when you count mass purchases by wingnut welfare financial concerns.

think about today's non-village republicans (because even if every member of the village bought this book, it still wouldn't actually be a bestseller). your average working joe republican isn't buying it- he's too pressed for cash just now and it's not like reading makes up a significant portion of his day.

the middle class republican? perhaps they'll buy it, perhaps not. they're also a little pressed financially, the war isn't going well and bush is no longer a pleasant topic for conversation in mixed company, let alone gloating rhetoric. the conservative project is in shambles, and this group only seems energized in the religious quarter. those folks don't read books other than the ones telling them the earth is 6000 years old.

the wealthy? i suppose. i remember that some of my uberwealthy friends have had popular conservative screeds on coffee tables when i've gone to visit. but like pantload's? not so much. my friends like to present themselves as serious intellects, and if they're reading republican propaganda, it's the high brow kind. books about uncle milton's massive genius, and kinder, gentler antienvironmentalism and suchlike.

i predict this one will drop off the face of the earth quickly enough, lb.