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Oh, snap!

Stoller on Obama's McClurky gay-bashing fiasco:

Instead, the contrast is between brand Democrat who is running a smooth and bland campaign as the first female President, and a blundering neophyte who doesn't know where he stands on a concert.


Looks like Obama's drawing the contrast to Hillary. Perhaps not quite in the way that he wanted.

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stay that way.

The fiasco erupted in open flames when McClurkin took the "opportunity" to put down every gay American voter by saying if they would just listen to God they'd be delivered from having to "suffer the same feelings".

Here's the deal, boys and girls.

If you believe God made people then you gotta believe God made all the different kinds of people.
Red ones.
Yellow ones.
Black ones.
Brown ones.
White ones.
Boy ones.
Girl ones.
Wealthy ones.
Poverty-stricken ones.
Healthy ones.
Smart ones.
Sick ones.
So-dumb-they-vote-republican ones.
And ones who fall somewhere between the points on those lines.