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Oh, Hell Yes! Madame Secretary -- You GO, Girl!!!

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Herewith, a salute to Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, US SecState, and absolutely the most apropos smackdown I've ever heard (long video, hang on to the end, the Republican Congressmember's face is p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s. -- and yes, this is a comment a President HRC wouldn't've had the chance to make, so ... just, damn.)

And Rep. Pence? Dude, you've been PWNED. (Get used to it.)

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God, I can't stand Pence, and I'm getting tired of him and John Ensign, in particular, and all of the rest of the Republican look-alikes.

I have lived a long time, now...

I knew her takedown was going to be brilliant from those first few words. That said, I was much more impressed with the first half of it than the last half. I'm also not in agreement that it it necessary or even wanted to have "the most bipartisan foreign policy". I think we want the best foreign policy, period, and if it just so happens a bipartisan foreign policy is most appropriate for the times, so be it. But, I don't think that need be a goal and certainly not the central one.

But, again, I can't even put into words I much I loathe disingenuity, and Mr. Two Pence is the definition of disingenuousness.

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I don't understand why this guy keeps calling Chavez a dictator. He was elected, he didn't go in militarily and take over. He's also favoring the indigenous people, helping them to live better lives in spite of the corporations that want to run things.